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Flixoid is an application to watch movies and TV shows (especially Indian movies) for free on Android mobile phones and tablets. Watching movies on this app is both fast and quality with a super beautiful and easy-to-see interface.

Introduce about Flixoid

Watch quality, updated, and completely free Indian movies!

What’s so special about Flixoid in the forest of movie-watching applications?

There are many apps to watch movies and TV shows on mobile phones. So, what makes an app survive and stand out among a bunch of other apps is its own unique and different points, sometimes in terms of interface, sometimes in terms of movie quality, easy-to-use control screen, and abundant movie store or even free viewing without ads. To be honest, Flixoid is not comparable to the big brothers like Netflix where you have to pay to see countless titles of movies from blockbusters to even homemade series. However, if you want to find a free movie watching application on mobile with no ads, with a diverse number of titles, you should try Flixoid once to see if it suits you.

Flixoid’s strength is Bollywood movies, one of the cinema monuments and also the childhood of many generations.

Although there have been a few steps back compared to Korea, Japan, and Thailand, today, Indian films still have their own place and audience all over the world. Ignoring all the scandals related to religion, social class divisions, and economic divisions, India has always been a country of unique talents in technology, engineering, painting, music, and especially movie works.

However, Indian movies are quite hard to find. You can only watch them on television with long series with even a hundred episodes or watch cut clips and short episodes on youtube with an uncountable number of ads. This is a huge obstacle for Bollywood to reach viewers everywhere. But fortunately, there are quite a few apps that specialize in Indian movies, like Flixoid, which does a great job of connecting viewers and featured Bollywood movies.

Smart interface and arrangement

Launching the app, you will immediately see this outstanding feature of Flixoid. On the right-hand menu where the important categories are divided will be the following blocks: TV shows, Movies, Bollywood, Favorites, Tools / Settings. Bollywood is singled out as one of the key features, which expresses how big Flixoid’s investment in Indian movies is in your entire movie library.

The main part of the screen is the movie posters presented as rectangular blocks with the main poster image, movie title, and release year. Everything is clear with little text and almost images for you to easily think and choose your favorite films. They are randomly arranged in chronological order. If you want to filter differently, you can go to the Discover section at the top of the page to change how to filter as you like. Or if you want to narrow the scope, find the original side menu to select and then search by keywords.

When you try clicking on a movie poster, you will see a full screen of content: On top is 2 view modes OVerview (movie summary) and See also (similar movies of the same genre). Below is the poster image and the text content corresponding to the two view modes above. There is a “Play trailer” button for you to see through the trailer and then decide whether to continue or not.

When entering the movie screen, basic adjustment buttons such as FW, RW, Stop, Pause, Play, Season, Subtitle are neatly presented at the toolbar. You can control it with just one hand and comfortably watch movies without being bothered by any ads.

Is the movie quality on Flixoid good?

The answer is that it is better than expected. In Flixoid, you can watch movies from 1080p or higher quality, sometimes up to 4K. The movies are so clear with shape images and realistic sound both when watching on phones or tablets. What you need is just a fine internet connection.

Is the library of Bollywood movies in Flixoid abundant?

When Bollywood is called a strength of Flixoid, there is obviously nothing more to say. The library of Bollywood movies in Flixoid is extensive and constantly updated, which is something that you can hardly find in any current movie application. The latest Bollywood movie titles such as The Big Bull, Hello Charlie, Paddlait, Family comes first… are all available here. Until here, those who love Indian movies can already know how advanced the level of Flixoid is, cannot you?


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